Introductory Questions

  1. My name is Gillian Fink and I am a Communication Design major with Sociology and Writing minors. I am a Junior.
  2. As a major I am required to take this course, but I definitely am hoping to develop my skills to a point where I can potentially see how I enjoy interactions in comparison with print.
  3. Any experience I have with code has been done in Wolfram Mathematica and R. My math teacher throughout high school used Mathematica as a teaching/learning instrument, and while I struggled with it at times I found it to be very interesting. More recently, I took a course called Statistics for Sociology (a requirement of the minor) in which we had a few lessons and assignments in R.
  4. I hope to achieve an understanding and some proficiency in UI/UX from taking this course, even if as a supplement to a print-based track.
  5. One way I expect designing for screen to be different is that the 4 'edges' of the page depend on what device people are using, among other factors, rather than the static 4 edges of a poster, page, etc. when dealing with paper.
  6. I think this website demonstrates effective design because it aligns with the aesthetics of the physical museum, is easily readable, and works on multiple screen sizes and orientations.
  7. Given that this website's goal is to sell products, I think it is an example of effective communication because it lets images of the products draw your attention, rather than relying on text.
  8. I think this website works well because with categories clearly displayed it is easy to navigate and find what you're looking for without much effort.